Pramod Kale, born on 4th March in 1941 at Pune, was student of Fergusson College in 1956-1958. Later he went to M. S. University, Vadodara for his B. Sc. Physics degree which he obtained in 1960. He obtained his M. Sc. Physics (Electronics) degree in 1962 from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

Pramod Kale had worked with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for over thirty two years (1962-1994) during which he held various leadership positions. He started his work on satellite tracking at the Physical Research Laboratory – PRL, Ahmedabad in 1960 and was a member of the first team sent to Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, USA for training in launching sounding rockets in 1963 and establishing the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station – TERLS. The first rocket flight took place in 1963 from TERLS on 21st November 1963. He had worked as a Research Student with Dr. Vikram Sarabhai at PRL, Ahmedabad for three years 1962 – 1965.

Some of his notable assignments and positions in ISRO / DOS were –

Head, Electronics Division (Satellite Systems), Space Science and Technology Center, Thiruvananthapuram.

Project Manager, (Electronics and TV Hardware); Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE), SAC, Ahmedabad

Project Director; INSAT 1 Space Segment Project, Bangalore

Mission Director, ISRO Payload Scientist Mission

Director; Space Applications Center (SAC), Ahmedabad

Director; Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram

He had been active in teaching at the Gujarat University for the Post Graduate Diploma course in Space Science and Applications. He is continuing to give lectures on Space Communications Systems for the students at CSSTEAP program at the Space Applications Center. He had delivered a large number of lectures on Space Communications, Remote Sensing and Water for the Countrywide Class Room of UGC and these were transmitted by Doordarshan.

After retirement from ISRO, he worked for a few years with Global Wireless Technology Ltd. -GWTL as Head, Microwave Antenna Division and Executive Director in Pune. GWTL was responsible for the establishment of the Satellite Communication system for Maharashtra Government. He was also Director, Global Information Technology Academy.

He now devotes his time as an educationist, promoting science education for children from different strata of society and also spends time with social work and community service.

He was executive chairman, Muktangan Exploratory Science Center of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Pune Kendra from 2006 to 2010. He was responsible for further development of the Exploratory and establishing one sub center.

He was a trustee of the Indian Institute of Education. He was for some time Vice Chairman and Chairman; Board of Trustees of the Indian Institute of Education (IIE); Pune.

During his career Pramod Kale has been honored with many awards and recognition. Some of them include –

– Shri Hari Om Ashram Prerit Vikram Sarabhai award in 1975

– Padmashri in 1984

– R L Wadhwa Gold Medal of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers –IETE 1990

– ‘Aryabhatta’ award of the Astronautical society of India in 2006.

 – Microwave Pioneer award 2014 by International Symposium on Microwaves, Bangalore

– ‘Jeevan  Sadhana  Gaurav’  award  2016  by  Savitribai  Phule  Pune University.

He has published over twenty papers in national and international journals.

He has authored a book, ‘Colours in Nature’ in 2011.

He is currently President, Community Aid and Sponsorship Program (CASP) a nationally and internationally renowned NGO working in the area of support to children and community.

He is also President, Vasundhara Trust.

He is currently Director; ICIT Pvt. Ltd. Pune since August 2002. ICIT has operationalized Post graduate level Certificate Courses developed by Department of Electronic Science, Pune University.


Fellow and Past President, Indian Society of remote Sensing Fellow and Past President, Indian Society of Geomatics Fellow, Gujarat Science Academy

Life Member and Fellow, Maharashtra Academy of Sciences

Life member & Fellow, Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers – IETE

Life Member, Computer Society of India

Founder Life Member and Director, Indian Society for Advancement of Material Processing and Engineering – ISAMPE

Fellow and Life Member, Astronautical Society of India President, 1996, Marathi Vignan Parishad

Former Trustee, Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Trust, Ahmedabad Management Association

Former Member, Governing Council, Information and Library Network, UGC,

Former Member, Council for Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (CMAS), IMD, Govt. of India.

Life Member, Indian Association of Physics Teachers Life Member, Indian Institute of Education

Executive Chairman, Muktangan Exploratory Science Center till Dec 6, 2010

Former Member, Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission, Maharashtra Government.

Vaibhav Kapoor is an experienced investment banker, startup strategist and entrepreneur. Currently, he is working as a Public Policy Specialist at NITI Aayog, the Government of India’s premier policy think tank. He is part of the core team which supports the Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog on various policy matters. Vaibhav was also part of the team that worked on the three-year Action Agenda for India which was released in August 2017. Prior to this, he worked in London as an Investment Banker for c.5 years with global institutions like the Royal Bank of Scotland and Commerzbank. As an investment banker, he worked with clients across Europe and the UK and helped them raise more than EUR 1 billion from capital markets. In addition to this, he has been instrumental in setting up data-led strategy capability for ad-tech start-ups in London. While in London, Vaibhav also co-founded an eCommerce business for fashion accessories sourced from India and other cultural hotspots around the world. This business was featured in eminent publications like the Financial Times How to Spend It magazine in the UK. Vaibhav holds a Masters in Financial Economics from the University of Oxford.

Starting the Journey  Froma Management trainee to  Founder / Managing Director ofOrganic Wellness Products Private Limited  has been full of learning’s , Overcoming obstacle’s and  of-course lot of fun. 

Passing out as Gold Medalist from LIT Nagpur in Chemical Technology , Krishan has worked in companies like Colgate Palmolive ,  Gillette, Godrej, Benckiser  in India  as well as  handling   critical assignments in Europe and USA. 

Krishan believes in sharpening his skills regularly and thus added the following qualifications –  Executive Marketing Management from IIM Calcutta , MBA (Masters in business administration) , Lead Assessor (ISO 22000)  and Instructor in  Gemba Kaizen (AOTS Japan).

Krishan enjoys working in a multi cultural environment. He is a task master, leads from the front and delegates effectively to deliver time bound results . He is well travelled and has touched shores of over 70 countries. 

Krishan founded ORGANIC WELLNESS 

He is also credited with commercializing crops like Tulsi, Moringa and Quinoa . These can be the game changer for our country –  farmers , consumers and Environment. He is already cultivating and promoting these products in India as well as Overseas ( Over 22 countries )

Krishan personally meet all his family farmers few  times a year to keep the personal touch and gives them respect. He has also initiated scholarship to meritorious children of farmers for higher studies and to provide them jobs..

This concept has helped thousands of farmers and their families in India to live a life of dignity and converted thousands of acres of land abused with chemical to Organic Land. 

He delivers catalytic / motivational  lectures at various  public forums and business schools across the globe. His magnetism is felt by all who have heard him.  

He has written a book “Clear your bottle necks “ on his experience on how to be a successful person. The book is a quick and absorbing read in a refreshingly simple, flowing style, well-punctuated with relevant anecdotes. The best part is that it is not a ‘talking-down-to’ but a conversation with a man of experience. This book has been also published in English and in Turkish  


 He has won many  Awards like The Mother Teresa Excellence Award, The Royal Leader Award , Young Achievers Award, and Transformation Leadership Award, Lufthansa Pioneering Spirit Award, Fedx Emerging champion award ., Mercedes Maclauren award  ,  Business Excellence And Innovative Best Practices Academia Award, Ayush Kamal Ratan Award 2017,  Business Excellence /Innovation award to name few … and Latest addition is the Best Emerging Start up company of the Year .

I’m a young researcher/entrepreneur from Kurukshetra, Haryana. I enjoy Public Speaking and firmly believe it as a medium to spread some bits of philosophy I see in my daily life as a millennial teen/young adult. While I don’t believe that my credentials override my skills as a speaker, I am the youngest recipient of “Award Cutting-Edge Research” which I received for my contribution in the field of Image-Encryption. I got my first research paper published when I was 17 in an international journal, making me one of the youngest ones to do that. Noticing my contribution, Senior Research Officer of a market research firm offered me an internship at the Market Monitor Consultancy as Research Analyst. I worked there for 3 months noticing the other aspect of life and how things work in real life when parents aren’t there to help (and you’re way younger than your peers at work!). I successfully made three profiles that eventually found clients and helped the society for good. As Marketing Head of Nigma Trading Ltd, I’ve tasted the joys and sorrows of entrepreneurship up close and that has certainly abducted the innocent child in me. I am writing a fictional thriller with a fellow TEDx speaker, Saniya Aphale, which will be published in the fall of 2018. Apart from that, I belong to the core team of Capital Cubing which is a group that organizes speedcubing competitions (more than 15 till date). I love solving 2×2-7×7, Pyraminx, Megaminx, and Rubik’s Clock in free time.

I was shortlisted and was further invited at Delhi University to give a presentation on my research at 6th International Conference. The silence of the finest researchers in the country justified that I did well with respect to an 18 year old’s standards. On the same jury’s decision, I was given “International Young Scientist Award” and an honorary membership in the South Asia Management Association in Science and Commerce.

Title of paper: Why and how to find the exigent “grey” concoctions in an array like that of a 3x3x3 cube.

Arun Kumar Pati is a Professor in Quantum Information and Computation Group, at Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI), Allahabad. His research areas include all aspects of quantum information, quantum computation, and the foundations of quantum mechanics. Among his important discoveries are the

No-Deletion theorem, Geometric Phases for mixed state, Remote State Preparation protocol, the No-Hiding Theorem and Uncertainty Relations beyond Heisenberg’s. He has more than 150 research papers in international journals and conferences on these topics. He has edited two books: (i) Quantum Information with Continuous Variables and (ii) Quantum Aspects of Life. His research papers have been highlighted in NATURE, NATURE ASIA, SCIENCE, and many national and international newspapers. He has received several awards in the past that include

(i) Indian Physical Society Award for Young Physicist (1996).

(ii) Indian Physics Association Award for Young Scientist (2000).

(iii) Honorary Research Fellow of University of Wales, Bangor, UK (2001).

(iv) `Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award’ from the Orissa Bigyan Academy in the area of physical science (2009).

(v)  Fellow of the Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore (2013).

(vi) Fellow of the National Academy of Science, Allahabad (2013).

(vii) K. P. Chair Professor at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China (2013-2015).

He has visited and delivered talks at many Universities and Institutes including University of Bristol, UK, MSRI, Berkely, University of California, MIT, Boston, USA, Bell Lab, NJ, USA, Naval Research Lab, Washington DC, USA, JPL, NASA, USA, University of South Carolina, USA, University of New Mexico, USA, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada and many more.

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